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Mahdi Afarideh

About Me and my book

My Story

Mahdi Afarideh is an Afghan BA college student in English literature. As well as the first male in his family to attend college, he is also a freelance mason who does some English teaching and some research into different fields including politics, psychology and history. 

Since 2007 when he began learning English, he has always dreamed of being a writer who influences many people through his books. Mahdi Afarideh’s interests are playing soccer, gardening and hiking. He also enjoys reading, watching movies and listening to classical, new age and pop music in his leisure time. Mahdi Afarideh currently lives in Mashhad, Iran with his mother, two brothers and his sister.

My book

Dependence Day

Dependence Day is a fast paced story of American politics, intrigue and corruption. Set in the near future it explores how the continuing wars and civil unrest in the Middle East and the USA’s foreign policy decisions in the region impact on the internal politics of the world’s greatest superpower. Democratic President, William F. Johnson, and his bitter Republican rival, John Hillman, are sworn political enemies, as well as having a deep personal enmity that goes back years before their political careers. Both men are determined to destroy their rival, but will their hatred also destroy the United States?

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